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About Michelle

Little did I know when I enrolled in a pottery class at the Minnetonka Center for the Arts in 2006, that decision would change the course of my life. Over the next eight years, I perfected my pottery techniques, but I was intrigued by Expressionistic and Abstract art and yearned to learn more about it.


With encouragement from a fellow potter, I signed up for an abstract art class in 2014 and uncovered a surprising new passion. Over the past decade, I’ve explored many different techniques for creating abstract paintings and developed a few, distinctly my own.


In the Fall of 2021, my husband Tom and I spontaneously moved to the Brainerd Lakes area. The immersion in nature brought a new sense of freedom and as a result, inspired the five series: Gone Fishing, Walters Gone Wild, Northern Muster, Sunny Swagger and Nature Flick.


Desiring the best of both worlds — rural and urban —we built a townhome in the Twin Cities. Channeling the energy of urban life, paintings in my series: Invitations & Chance Encounters, Effervescence, Unearthed Relics, Stroke of Luck and Heavy Duty reflect refinement of my distinct styles.

2024 brings about a time for me to explore my relationship with my brush and the magic of movement in each stroke. My new series, Summer Sidewalk and Birds of a Feather demonstrate my current dance with the canvas.

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