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Chasing Joy V
Game Day
Chasing Joy I
Orange Chakra
Sunny Swagger III
Springing Into Action II
Kinetic II
Blue Sea Angles I
Chasing Joy IV
Blushing Linens II
City Panther
Wallters Gone Wild XIII
Urban Fashion
Desert Dreams
Urban Light
Pinks In A Blanket
_Northern Muster I_ 48_x36_  acrylic on canavs $2600
Seeking Chartreuse III  26_x24_  acrylic on paper and canvas
Making A Wish V
Morning Oasis VI 30_x30_ acrylic on canvas

Abstract is a liberating adventure of exploration and experimentaton. It is not an invitation to replicate what already exists. It is an opportunity to use shape, color, line and texture to create relationships, compositions and images from the unplanned and unexpected to the new, original and unique.          

                                                                                            - Michelle Plombon           

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