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Growing up in a Chicago home filled with love for art, provided a great foundation for my future as an abstract artist and potter. Of course like many female artists, it wasn’t until after my grade-school teaching career and raising a family that I had time to devote to mastering my craft.

In 2006, I enrolled in a pottery class at the Minnetonka Center for the Arts and that decision changed the course of my life. Over the next 8 years, I perfected my pottery techniques, but I was intrigued by Expressionistic and Abstract art and yearned to learn more about it. With encouragement from a fellow potter I finally signed up for an abstract art class in 2014 and uncovered a surprising new passion.

Since that moment, I have grown and developed both my style and technique, which was born from my desire to eliminate wasted paint.  I hated the idea of throwing away mixed paint. So, I took what was left on my palette paper, ran a texture tool through it and then applied the paper directly on the canvas. I loved the spontaneous shapes, designs, textures and combination of colors. Over the years, I have changed my paper and canvas techniques and am constantly expanding my style.

My abstract expression has now begun to flow into my pottery glazing and my paintings are often becoming reflections of the patterns in the world around me. The process of creating my artwork adds fun and brings great joy to my life.

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